How To Get Your WhatsApp Number Back After Getting Ban

So today I will be showing you how to get your ban WhatsApp number active on WhatsApp again. I know this can be very annoying and frustrating but trust me there’s a way out.

So I had a chance to contact WhatsApp support through their Email Address And this was their response to this issue.

“Hi, We have reason to believe your account activity has violated ourĀ Terms of Service and decided to keep your account banned. We received a large number of complaints about your account and in order to protect our users’ privacy, we won’t disclose the nature of the complaints”.

See How To Get Your Number Un-banned

So just send this mail to [email protected]

” I think this is unfair, my account banned. What could be the reason, please I have read terms and conditions. I have kept all. please review and lift up the ban, please”.

After this, You will get A Message like the one below.

Just Reply The in this format eg +2348166127554 change the numbers to yours beginning with the second digit of your number after +234.

Finally, You will get a message saying you should verify you number and boom your number is back.

So guys that’s how to get your number un-ban by WhatsApp

I hope this helps, feel free to drop your comments and questions if any issue.





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