Latest Mtn Unlimited Browsing Cheat 2020 Method

How To Activate Latest Mtn Unlimited Browsing [100% Working Method]

Latest Mtn Unlimited Browsing Cheat Is Linked to Mtn Partnership with Opera to offer its users free browsing.we have obviously enjoyed this kind of offer before by Airtel But I am glad Opera is doing theirs now.

Although the Opera mini data is capped 50mb but we have found a way to bypass the cap and make it unlimited And the procedures are not hard to follow and get it working.

See The Glo Unlimited Data That we all Enjoyed.

What you have to know is that this is a partnership MTN has with Opara to give its users 50mb daily, So stay tuned for the procedures.

How To Activate MTN 50MB Data By Opera

this is not a tweak or Cheat and it does not require Any VPN like tweakware or StakVPN All you have to do is just turn on your data and you will get a notification that your 50mb is activated.

How To Activate Latest MTN Unlimited Browsing

1. Finish The first 50MB giving to you and put your phone network off.

2. Navigate to your phone settings click on clear browsing Data, tick clear cookie, and data and click OK The turn on your Mobile Data.

3. After Step 2 you will get a message from Opera saying that you have been giving 50MB powered by MTN.


follow the step very well to Activate Latest Mtn Unlimited Browsing Cheat and make sure you repeat the process each time you exhaust the 50MB.

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